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  • UNJ Sport Complex, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur

Unit, Laboratory, Sports Hall Manager

1Sugimin, S.Pd19631106 198511 1 001Head of Administration
2Ahirudin Derek, S.Pd19760425 200003 1 001Head of Subsection. Academic, Student and Alumni
3Usnida, SE19670917 198903 2 002Head of Subsection. Finance and Accounting
4Moh Abud Robiudin, A. S.Pd19670816 198803 1 002Head of Subsection General, Civil Service and BMN

1Del Asri, S.Si, M.Pd19750808 200012 1 001Head of the Center for Sport Studies and Development Laboratory
2Dr. Sujarwo, M.Pd19730305 200912 1 001Head of the Microteaching Laboratory
3Drs. Iwan Barata, M.Pd19680309 200112 1 001Head of Community Sports Laboratory
4Ferry Yohannes Wattimena, S.Pd., M.Pd19820202 201012 1 003Head of the Fitness Laboratory
5dr. Bazzar Ari Migra19850419 201504 1 002Head of the Sports Nutrition Laboratory
6Dr. dr. Junaidi, S.p KO.19611114 200003 1 001Head of the Sport Medicine Laboratory
7Dr. Bambang Kridasuwarso, M.Pd19611207 198903 1 004Head of the Biomechanic Laboratory
8Kuswahyudi, S.Or., M.Pd19850925 201504 1 003Head of the Sports Physiology Laboratory
9Dr. Tirto Apriyanto, S.Pd., M.Si19700417 199903 1 002Head of the Sports Psychology Laboratory
10Dr. Heni Widyaningsih S.E., M.SE19720122 199903 2 001Head of Entrepreneurship Laboratory

1Eko Juli Fitrianto, S.Or., M.Kes., AIFO19810731 200604 1 001Head of the Sports Building Management Unit
2Fajar Vidya Hartono, S.Pd., M.Pd19841127 201012 1 004Head of General Affairs and Arena
3Slamet Sukriadi, S.Pd., M.Pd19821028 201504 1 002Head of Non Academic Services
4Muhamad Arif, M.Pd0023028304Head of Academic Services and Sports Science